Pricing - Users

KullSMS offers a unique highly competitive SMS pricing, with flexible payment platform.

Description Unit Cost ( Premium routes only)
1000 - 9,999 sms credit = N=2.00K
10,000 - 49,999 sms credit =N=1.80K
50,000 - 99,999 sms credit =N=1.60K
100,000 - 999,999 sms credit =N=1.50K
1,000,000 & above SMS credit =N=1.40K


To open a KullSMS account, follow the steps below.

Step1: Pay into any of the account numbers below. (Minimum units is 1000. I.e. =N=2000)

Step2: After payment fill the sign-up form. Your account will be activated in 3 working hours. For old users, pay with your KullSMS username as depositor on bank teller.