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sms marketing

SMS Marketing is the use of SMS medium as a communication channel between brands and end users that guarantees direct interaction with users. Its a cost effective advertising strategy with a unique, thought streamlining selling point, as the readers, though, forced to read the message, eventually finds the words sinking into their mind sub-consciously. These striking benefits among others distinguish SMS Marketing from other form of marketing:

Large amount of SMS messages sent at the same time is referred to as bulk SMS. Using KullSMS web-interface or desktop application, you can reach your large audiences, groups or individuals almost instantly via your internet connected computer. SMS is the only medium that enables almost instantaneous notification of a targeted group of people, regardless of their location! Bulk SMS application could be deployed for:


*Wedding Invitation
*Birthday Invitation
*Meeting Notification
*Political Awareness/ Campaign
*Special Seasons Greetings




*Personal- Its an effective direct communication to the individual
*Cost Effective- Significantly cheaper than other media
*High Reach- 30% response rate at first contact and up to 45% with multiple contact
*Viral- Research reveals that those who get the message often ask others about it and by that, the message spreads
*Prompt Delivery- Anytime / Anywhere, the message gets there instantly
*Reference- Messages can be stored and referred later

SMS Marketing application could be deployed for:



*Product Launch
*Sales Promotion
*Brand Awareness
*Event Promotion
*Market Research
*Advert Based Promotion
*Mobile Coupon


KullSMS provides additional services to execute an SMS Marketing campaign.


Target Marketing- Well crafted messages are pushed to the target audience. You may have your own list or for an additional fee, market on KullSMS's growing database.