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resellers package

KullSMS Reseller Package is a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for resellers with dedicated server and control panel to manage the users account.


  • A secure connectivity to our SMSC infrastructure
  • A corporate website
  • Web Interface to SEND SMS
  • Desktop Application
  • Admin Interface to ADD/ DELETE/ MODIFY Users

A CORPORATE WEBSITE The design of web pages for the site and domain name registration has to be done by user (if required Kullmessage can do the domain name registration for user) all hosting infrastructure will be provided by Kullmessage.

SECURE SMSC CONNECTIVITY Secure SMSC connectivity Offers connectivity to our high-end SMSC infrastructure through a set of application interfaces (APIs). We currently offer the following reseller API connections:

  • SMPP
    The resellers can create their own users and manage them with our SMPP control panel. They can also distribute our co-branded SMPP desktop client application to their clients.

  • HTTP
    An individual HTTP link will be provided to resellers that they can distribute to their client to submit messages via POST/GET method.

WEB INTERFACE Web interface to SEND SMS, the easy to use web interface allows users to send single SMS, group SMS, scheduled SMS, BULK SMS that will link to user corporate website. The users can also manage there contacts in address book.

DESKTOP APPLICATION A User-friendly desktop application with client co-branding by changing logo and setup program as per the client company details.


A web interface where a reseller can control:

  • User management - Add modify Delete credits and users.
  • Daily Statistics.
  • FTP Management
  • SMS Queue Management
  • Unsent SMS Queue Management
  • SMS Log Report
  • Unsent SMS Report
  • SMS Queue Report
  • Month Summary Report
  • Date wise Month Summary Report
  • Client wise Month Summary Report
  • View Queries
  • Security Management
  • Logout 

Test Our resellers system 

For the admin interface sample click here

UserName: kdemo

password: demo

for your users interface sample (accounts created from admin) click here

Users must add the reseller code when login in. The demo resellers code is