GUESS WHAT!!! KULLSMS CREDIT IS NOW =N=1.89k, NEW PRICE IS EFFECTIVE ALREADY.      INTRODUCING THE NEW KULLSMS AGENT APPLICATION, IT ALLOW AGENTS TO ADD USERS (UNLIMITED), MODIFY CREDIT AND PASSWORD, NO DOMAIN NAME OR WEBSITE REQUIRED. PAY =N=32,000 and get 10,000 SMS units and FREE agent application setup.           ; You can now calculate your pricing and test our coverage directly from our site.       For payment flexibility, kullsms now operates new GTBank, Zenith and Acces Bank account, Pay into the accounts provided on our website ONLY. Check our home page for our account deatils.             KullSMS now has new Europe routes that gets to all GSM network & faster, to migrate to these new routes contact our support team      For Fast and Easy account Re-crediting/Activation, we advice all users to pay with their email address as depositor name on bank payment teller.      Thanks for visiting today.

pricing ( users )

KullSMS offers a unique highly competitive SMS pricing, with flexible payment platform.

Description Unit Cost  ( Premium routes only)
1000 - 9,999 sms credit = N=2.00K
10,000 - 49,999 sms credit =N=1.80K
50,000 - 99,999 sms credit =N=1.60K
100,000 - 999,999 sms credit =N=1.50K
1,000,000 & above SMS credit =N=1.40K

To open a KullSMS account, follow the steps below.

Step1: Pay into any of the account numbers below. (Minimum units is 1000. I.e. =N=2000)

Step2: After payment fill the sign-up form. Your account will be activated in 3 working hours. For old users, pay with your KullSMS username as depositor on bank teller.

BANK NAME Account Name  Account Number
GTBank Kull SMS Solutions Ltd. 0017057623
Zenith Bank Kull SMS Solutions Ltd. 1011759138
Intercontinental Bank Kull SMS Solutions Ltd. 0100119045

Other packages are:

Description Unit Cost (=N=)
Agents = N=1.60K (20,000 units minimum)
Resellers =N=1.50K   (50,000 units minimum)

Check-out how our resellers system looks and functions:

The DEMO admin interface sample for agents and resellers.  click here

UserName: kdemo

Password: demo

DEMO users interface sample (accounts created from admin) click here

Users must add the agents or reseller code when login in. The demo account code is kd- followed by the alloted username. eg