GUESS WHAT!!!KullSMS now accept MasterCard International, this means that u can now buy your SMS units from any part of World with your MasterCard irrespective of your currency and you will get credited automatically.To use this feature, Log into your account & Click on buy online to load. Visa Card is coming soon....       You can now calculate your pricing and test our coverage directly from our site.       For payment flexibility, kullsms now operates new GTBank, Zenith Bank & Access Bank account, Pay into the accounts provided on our website ONLY. .      KullSMS now has new international routes that gets to most GSM network around the World.       Guess what? kullsms reseller package setup fee is now FREE. as a reseller with kullsms:- you can add your own users, modify credits and password and get sms at a good discount. For details of our reseller system, download the manual from the download page,       For Fast and Easy account Re-crediting & Activation, we advice all our existing users (Old Users) to pay with their KullSMS Username (email address) as depositor on bank payment teller and NEW Users should pay with their FULL name (name & surname).       THANK YOU for visiting today.

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To open a KullSMS account, follow the steps below. Step1: click on the sign up link above and fill the form. step2: Pay into any of our bank account with your email as depositor. (Minimum units is 1000. I.e. =N=2000) ...readmore

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KullSMS coverage spans over 600 networks in 200 plus countries across the Globe. This includes all four (4) Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria: MTN, ZAIN, GLOBACOM and ETISALAT.

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Remove repeated numbers from your database using our duplicate remover tool. It's easy to use and makes your messaging a lot better.

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